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Take a look at all of the fun things we have done this year!

Our blubber experiment as part of our polar explorers topic! We learnt that some animals living in the polar regions have blubber to keep them warm in the freezing conditions. To test how blubber kept them warm we made blubber gloves! We used lard to act as the blubber in our gloves. We then put them on and tested the difference between what we felt without them on and with them on. They really worked! Our hands stayed much warmer in the ice with the blubber glove on.

When Pongo arrived in year 1! It is our job to find out where he came from and send him back to Edward the Explorer! We will be learning about the Polar regions in our new topic - Polar Explorers! This topic will be covered in literacy, science, geography, music and dt.

Year 1 had a visitor, the Easter Bunny! He left them a basket containing a note. His note said he had a Easter surprise for them - an egg hunt around the school grounds! He also hid a golden egg, Ethan found it and won this special prize.

This term we have been botanists and went leaf looking in forest school as part of our science unit - plants. We studied the leaves and found out that they have veins just like us! These veins transport nutrients through the leaf and into the plant (tree or flower) - just as our veins transports blood around our body. The children drew scientific pictures of the leaves, including the midrib (the middle part of the leaf that connects to all the veins) and the veins and labelled it.

To launch our new literacy focus 'Olivers vegetables' we all tasted some of Olivers vegetables and then wrote about them!