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Who's Who

(Some of our staff evaded the camera! More coming soon...)

Picture 1 Miss Sara Packer (Foundation Stage Leader)
Picture 2 Ms Angela Rossi (Reception Teaching Assistant)
Picture 3 Mrs AngelaTatton (Teaching Assistant)
Picture 4 Mrs Caroline Burgess (SEND Inclusion Manager)
Picture 5 Mrs FelicGibb (Senior Teacher & Y2 Class Teacher)
Picture 6 Mrs Jacqueline Goodacre (Y4 Class Teacher)
Picture 7 Mrs Janet Day (Y2/3 Teaching Assistant)
Picture 8 Mrs Karen Davies (Assistant Cook and After School)
Picture 9 Miss Lisa Baker (Y1 Teaching Assistant)
Picture 10 Ms Lisa Henry (Y2/3 Class Teacher)
Picture 11 Mrs Lisa Stacey (Business Manager)
Picture 12 Mrs Liz Tasch (Teaching Assistant &Y4 ClassTeacher