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Vision and Values

Our ethos 

 Our ethos centres around two statements:


  • "Education is not the filling of a pail but the lighting of a fire" (W.B. Yeats). Children should be active participants in their own learning. We aim to 'light the fire' of self improvement and discovery.

  • Our school logo 'All Can Achieve' reflects our expectation that all of our pupils will fully achieve their individual potential.



Our vision


  • That we maintain our emphasis that 'All Can Achieve' through the provision of teaching, support, and facilities which encourage and challenge all pupils, including pupils with additional needs and pupils who excel academically.


  • That we remain an outstanding place for children to learn, through the provision of excellent teaching, care, safety and leadership


  • That our pupils leave having achieved their full potential academically; that they have developed a love of learning, are confident and kind, and are well-rounded individuals.


  • That we continue to be an important part of the community we serve, including maintaining good links with the church.



Our values and mission statement


Weare Academy Church of England First School:


  • Where everyone is valued and respected

  • Where relationships can grow through kindness and compassion

  • Where we can appreciate the importance of forgiveness

  • Where we can recognise and be thankful for the opportunities we have

  • Where we can begin to make the most of ourselves and to take responsibility for the world around us

  •                      G

  •                      O

  •                      D

  •           COMPASSION

  •                   RESPECT

  •           THANKFULNESS

  •                 RESPONSIBILITY




    Building on our Christian foundation, we strive to create a safe, happy and purposeful environment where our core Christian values support us, as we continue to learn together.



Acts of Kindness


Year 4 children have been learning about empathy and acts of kindness as part of their PSHE and Citizenship lessons, and also forming part of the teaching about the core Christian values of Weare Academy C of E First School. As part of their learning, the children made great connections with the local community by offering to carry out acts of kindness for them. This involved all the children and several volunteering adults visiting local neighbours on the morning of Wednesday 23rd November, to help out with outdoor jobs such as raking leaves, moving logs, cleaning windowsills, sweeping steps and driveways. In addition, several of the children visited the church to help clean the church rooms. Reverend Judith Jeffrey and the community members who participated, were very appreciative of the children's contributions, and the children thoroughly enjoyed being able to help out and see the impact of their kindness.
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