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SAM Bear

Meet SAM Bear!


SAM Bear is our way of reminding children at Weare School that  'School Attendance Matters'.


SAM Bear encourages the celebration of what makes school enjoyable and interesting and how it helps them develop into confident, caring young people, capable of reaching their full potential.


Every week, during service time, we share the attendance for each class. This gives us the opportunity to talk about why we come to school and to find out about what is happening in the different classes. Of course SAM Bear understands that there will be times that children are not able to come in to school, but he is always very pleased to welcome them back again!


The class with the highest attendance looks after SAM Bear for one week, in their classroom and at the end of every half term, a certificate is given to the class with the highest attendance.


The class with the highest attendance week-ending:-


Friday 8th October:

Year Four (Mrs Goodacre's Class, Sapphire Class) with 100%


Friday 1st October:

Year 4 (Mrs Goodacre's Class, Sapphire Class) with 98.9%


Friday 24th September:

Reception Class  (Mrs Packer's Class, Teal Class) with 99.4%


Friday 15th September:

Year 1/2 (Mrs Gibb's Class, Indigo Class) with 99.7%


Friday 8th September 2017:

Reception Class (Mrs Packer's Class, Teal Class) with 100% attendance.

Year 1 (Mrs Hugh's Class, Lavender, Indigo Class) with 100% attendance.

Year 4 (Mrs Goodacre's Class, Sapphire Class) with 100% attendance.