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Merit Badges

Every week we award two merit badges per class, to children who have shown great merit in their behaviour or in their curriculum achievement. The badges are presented to our children during our Merit Badge Service on Friday afternoons. 


Please take a look to see who received a badge this week!


Week ending Friday 22nd March 2019


Mrs Packer's Class

Zoe: for making great progress with her reading and always trying her best.

Ben M.:  for making great progress with his reading and always trying his best.


Mrs Hugh's Class

Charlie: for making a superb effort with his homework this week on signs of Spring, well done.

Talia:  for making a superb effort with her homework this week on signs of Spring, well done.


Mrs Gibb's Class

Oscar: for super fairy tale writing about the 'wolf' in Little Red Riding Hood.

Monty: for writing a super fairy tale inventive write even though he had been off school but then caught up and wrote a great story.


Mrs Henry's Class

Harry: for using some super vocabulary in his myth writing.

Eva: for participating enthusiastically in class and group discussions.


Mrs Goodacre's Class

Ewart: for working hard and contributing well in class.

Trinity: for always smiling, showing kindness and helping others.


Week ending Friday 15th  March 2019


Mrs Packer's Class

Elsa:  for always being kind, thoughtful and helpful.

Arthur:  for fantastic writing in his weekend news.


Mrs Hugh's Class

Isla: Thank you for being so forgiving when your seeds were damaged.

Mason: for fantastic maths this week due to great listening and super concentration.


Mrs Gibb's Class

Harry: for having such a great week working so hard all week.

Ava A.: for a fantastic symmetrical design of her Joseph's coat.


Mrs Henry's Class

Harrison: for always being polite and a good friend.

Flora: for beautiful artwork creating a volcano picture.


Mrs Goodacre's Class

Marley: for great attention and interest on our trip to Wells.

Phoebe: for being kind and supportive to other learners.


Week ending Friday 8th  March 2019


Mrs Packer's Class

Archie: for superb programming of a Beebot to tell the story of Jack and the Beanstalk.

Darci: for excellent independent writing.


Mrs Hugh's Class

Jessica: for being a kind friend.

Charlie: for making a super effort in maths and now getting much quicker at finding numbers on a grid - he's learning the patterns!


Mrs Gibb's Class

Dexter: for working so well in his story writing this week!

Ella Mai: for reading a page of her book so confidently to Year 2.


Mrs Henry's Class

Lorelai: for a super description and explanation of her World Book day character.

Libby: for always being kind and polite and a good friend to everyone.


Mrs Goodacre's Class

William: for always putting in the extra to improve his work.

Charlie: for great work in French and have a great World Book day.


Week ending Friday 1st March 2019


Mrs Packer's Class

Willow: for super collage work in shades of green.

Sophia: for listening well and giving the Beebot instructions.


Mrs Hugh's Class

Daniel: for showing huge enthusiasm and effort in all his learning.

Callum: for excellent listening in Maths - now he knows how to use a number square to help him in maths.


Mrs Gibb's Class

Sophie: for a super symmetrical design of her Joseph coat.

Rhys: for working so well in Maths all week with some great number line work.


Mrs Henry's Class

Sophia: for super hard work in maths - showing all her workings and presenting her work neatly.

Toby: for suggesting some amazing adjectives to describe our myth hero, villain and monster.


Mrs Goodacre's Class

Charlie H.:  He is amazing.  He works really hard, he's kind and helpful - what a Year 4!!

Alex: for for making huge progress through perseverance.


Week ending Friday 15th February 2019


Mrs Packer's Class

Indy: for making an excellent poster on Safer Internet Day.

Erin: for a superb drawing of a school in China.


Mrs Hugh's Class

Jack: for fantastic progress in phonics and using the sounds he's learnt when he reads.

Neve: for attending to detail in all her work be it Maths, Literacy or even art.


Mrs Gibb's Class

Chloe: for making excellent progress with all her writing in Literacy.

Arthur: for super sharing when dividing tricky numbers.


Mrs Henry's Class

Xavier: for a super independent write for instructions on how to look after a phoenix.

Sophia:  for a super neat independent write on instructions on how to trap a dragon.


Mrs Goodacre's Class

Alex:  for an incredible effort with his schoolwork and homework.

Callum: for a great learning attitude this week.


Week ending Friday 8th February 2019


Mrs Packer's Class

Georgia: for learning to be super brave, joining in with class (answering the register and Chinese dancing).  A transformation!

Jessica: for excellent phonics, using digraphs in her writing.


Mrs Hugh's Class

Evie: for a super effort to edit her writing using her everyday toolkit.

Evelyn: for being a very kind friend and showing forgiveness (after an accident happened).


Mrs Gibb's Class

Verity: for writing a super letter and editing her work.

Theo: for drawing some lovely pictures using 13 different colours (The Day the Crayons Quit).


Mrs Henry's Class

Caleb: for super hard work in maths each week.

Lorelai:  for always having beautiful handwriting and trying really hard with spelling.


Mrs Goodacre's Class

Emily:  for working really hard in maths and literacy this week.

Oliver: for always working hard and listening really well.


Week ending Friday 25th January 2019


Mrs Packer's Class

Freya: for superb listening and dancing in Boogie Beat.

Jack: for working so hard on his 'oa' and 'igh' sounds.


Mrs Hugh's Class

Jessica: for working so hard now in all her lessons and being helpful in the classroom.

Gabrielle: for a super effort and skills in P.E. this week doing gymnastic rolls.


Mrs Gibb's Class

Daniel: for excellent speech bubbles and speech mark sentence work in literacy.

Lily-May: for really taking care when completing her homework.


Mrs Henry's Class

Jamie B: for such an enthusiastic approach to our "Extreme Earth" topic - especially the fossils!

Frankie:  for always trying his best in Maths even when it gets more challenging.


Mrs Goodacre's Class

Henry:  for always being super helpful in class.

Tom O'C: for effort with his 'If Only' poem - both in content and handwriting.


Week ending Friday 18th January 2019


Mrs Packer's Class

Ben: for excellent French speaking.

Darcy: for working hard on her healthy food plate.


Mrs Hugh's Class

Thea: for following class instructions and being a good role model for the rest of the class.

Sam: for working hard.


Mrs Gibb's Class

Olivia: for writing a super story of her own about three friends.

Tyler: for excellent editing of his story to make it even better.


Mrs Henry's Class

Olivia: for writing a brilliant 'trick story' even though she missed the teaching unit.

Jacob:  for taking time and care to write his trick story - he is still writing it.


Mrs Goodacre's Class

Sam:  for great contributions to lessons.

Hattie:  always working quietly  and independently.


Week ending Friday 11th January 2019


Mrs Packer's Class

Elsa: for superb colour mixing to make different shades of green.

Tilly: for working hard at writing her digraphs.


Mrs Hugh's Class

Emily: for always setting a good example to the rest of the class.

Arabella:  for excellent progress in her reading.


Mrs Gibb's Class

Edie: for super sentences in phonics using adjectives.

Max: for a super go at joined up handwriting this week, well done.


Mrs Henry's Class

Lulu: for making the supply teacher feel so welcome.

Aston:  for being so focused at his work.


Mrs Goodacre's Class

Maisie and Gracie:  for a noticeably excellent start to 2019.  Trying hard in all lessons and looking to do their best.


Week ending Friday 7th December


Mrs Packer's Class

Arthur: for trying so hard with his writing - remembering to press hard.

Bea: for being helpful and kind to everyone in Reception Class.


Mrs Hugh's Class

Evie: for doing some fantastic subtracting using a number line.

Callum:  for demonstrating excellent manners and for always following instructions in the classroom.


Mrs Gibb's Class

Dexter: for great reading about our unusual pet - The Tortoise, in literacy.

Lani: for making a lovely Christmas card this week.


Mrs Henry's Class

James: for being kind and helpful and always ready to listen.

Sophia:  for working really hard in maths.  Always listening, taking note of the teaching, working hard, doing her best and working neatly.


Mrs Goodacre's Class

Alex: for a super effort with handwriting and homework.

George W: for great contributions to class and good effort in his work.


Week Ending Friday 23rd  November

Mrs Packer's Class

Archie:  for excellent writing of 'h' words in phonics using a phoneme frame.

Lily: for choosing to draw a story map of the Bear Hunt retelling the story.


Mrs Hugh's Class

Oliver:  for a superb effort in reading. (He reads every day!)

Shae:  for a brilliant drawing of the colourful houses in Bristol - amazing detail.


Mrs Gibb's Class

Dylan:  for having a good go at counting back in 10's from a 2 digit number.

Bradley:  for drawing a lovely picture for the 'Fire of London' display.


Ms Henry's Class

Jude:  for a super character description of the traveller in Nail Soup.

Harrison:  for super problem solving in maths.


Mrs Goodacre's Class

John: for a super effort in maths and literacy.

Ferris: for a mature attitude to his work and great listening.


Week Ending Friday 16th November

Mrs Packer's Class

Zoe:  for exemplary behaviour and attitude to learning.

William: for really trying hard to improve his handwriting and getting better by practicing his name over again.


Mrs Hugh's Class

Talia:  for always following the golden rules.  A role model for everyone.

Charlie:  for super progress with his handwriting.


Mrs Gibb's Class

Ava M.:  for writing a super repeating poem in Literacy.

Austin L.:  for lovely joined up handwriting in his handwriting book and always listening carefully.


Ms Henry's Class

Tabitha:  for writing and illustrating a super non-chronological report about Ancient Egypt using all the tools from the learning in this unit.

Amy:  for writing and illustrating a super non-chronological report about Ancient Egypt using all the tools from the learning in this unit.

Alexander:  for fabulous goalkeeping.


Mrs Goodacre's Class

Thomas: for showing kindness and willingness during Christmas play practice.

Elyssa: for going above and beyond with extra contributions to our topic work.


Week Ending Friday 9th November

Mrs Packer's Class

Harry:  for wonderful listening at carpet time.

Rosie: for being kind and helpful.


Mrs Hugh's Class

Year 1 were on their outing today.


Mrs Gibb's Class

Lily-May:  for always being ready to do her work and always so helpful with the equipment.

Austin C.:  for beautiful joined up handwriting in his handwriting book.


Ms Henry's Class

Harry:  for a great start to his non-chronological report on Egyptian Pyramids.

Amy:  for working really hard to produce some super writing through Literacy and topic work.


Mrs Goodacre's Class

Katie:  for a super attitude towards her work and being really helpful.

Max:  for making a real effort to be a super listener.


Week Ending Friday 26th October

Mrs Packer's Class

Beau: for excellent shape work counting the corners of triangles and rectangles.

Tai:  for always being polite and helpful.


Mrs Hugh's Class

Billy:  for building an excellent model of Weare church after our visit yesterday.

Isla: for writing a brilliant story called 'The Lost Toy'.


Mrs Gibb's Class

Olivia: for always being kind and thoughtful to both the children and teachers in Year 2.

Jake:  for writing super sentences using adjectives this week.


Ms Henry's Class

Jamie:  for reading out his Harvest chant, in church, in a nice big voice with a little bit of humour.

Eva: for a super Harvest chant taking care with the learnt pattern and rhyme.


Mrs Goodacre's Class

Leila: for a consistently super work ethic and excellent listening.

Ava: for a mature attitude to her work and super listening.


Week Ending Friday 19th October

Mrs Packer's Class

Caspian: for working hard on his writing.

Lilly:  for being so kind to other children.


Mrs Hugh's Class

Evie: for making a big effort to form their letters correctly in handwriting.

Harry: for making a big effort to form their letters correctly in handwriting..


Mrs Gibb's Class

Verity: for brilliant story writing - using lots of adjectives.

Arthur: for persevering with his maths bar modelling work..


Ms Henry's Class

Frankie:  for trying really hard with column addition and subtraction and for working neatly in his book.

Flora: for brilliant column addition and subtraction in maths.


Mrs Goodacre's Class

Michael: for super questions, listening and participation in Roman activities.

Charlie: trying really hard to listen and concentrate, especially in maths.


Week ending: 12th October 2018

Mrs Packer's Class

Ben:  For great labelling in his news writing.

Darci:  for always being sensible and helpful.


Mrs Hugh's Class

Poppy: for super work in phonics and spelling.

Alfie: for excellent effort in all his work.


Mrs Gibb's Class

Theo: for always doing his best and keeping on task all the time.

Darcy: for always working so neatly and pasting worksheets in her books carefully.


Ms Henry's Class

Xavier:  for listening well and following instructions carefully.

Dorothy: for helping and supporting others in the class.


Mrs Goodacre's Class

Annabel: for always being available to sensibly help when needed and spotting what needs doing.

Callum: for getting on so well in maths this week - starting straight away and getting on working straight away.


Week Ending Friday 5th October

Mrs Hugh's Class

Violet: for working hard and being helpful and thoughtful in class.

Jack: a super effort with handwriting.


Mrs Gibb's Class

Ava: for giving her handmade kite to her friend when her friend's kite had broken.

Noah: for some super part whole work in maths showing number sentences too.


Ms Henry's Class

James:  for trying hard with his maths.

Lulu: for an excellent attitude in all that she does.


Mrs Goodacre's Class

Kitty: for and improved attitude towards her work, and being helpful.

Hamish: for being super helpful and working hard.


Week Ending Friday 28th September

Mrs Hugh's Class

Evelyn: for a super effort reading this week.

Callum: for stepping and standing quietly at the end of playtime brilliantly.


Mrs Gibb's Class

Tyler: for creating a beautiful autumn leaf print.

Chloe: for writing five sentences using adjectives.


Ms Henry's Class

Toby: for writing a super poem about sharks based on "The Bug Chant".

Libby: for being polite, kind and helpful all the time.


Mrs Goodacre's Class

Ewart: for setting an example of excellent learning behaviour.

Trinity: for working hard and being really helpful in class.


Week Ending Friday 21st September

Mrs Hugh's Class

Daniel: for good thinking and concentration in maths.

Neve: for being an enthusiastic mathematician and really enjoying her maths lessons.


Mrs Gibb's Class

Lilly: for always keeping on task and being helpful to others at her table.

Rhys: for working really well at showing place value using 10p and 1p coins.


Ms Henry's Class

Jacob: for being super smart and helpful all the time. Always ready to listen and watering the plants every day.

Sophia: for working hard all week and doing some 'marvellous maths'.


Mrs Goodacre's Class

Emily:  for working really hard and listening well.

William: for super listening and a mature approach to his learning.


Week Ending Friday 14th September

Mrs Hugh's Class

Lucia: for always working hard and trying her very best with fantastic results!

Mason: Mason loved playing hide the fruit in our French lesson.


Mrs Gibb's Class

Daniel : for editing his sentence and making it even better.

Ella Mai: for always listening carefully and getting on with his work.


Ms Henry's Class

Caleb: for super 'Place Value' maths; working independently and explaining his answers.

Dorothy: for super writing using adjectives.


Mrs Goodacre's Class

Charlie: for working really hard and always being on task.

Phoebe: for being extremely helpful, spotting when help is needed.



Week Ending Friday 7th September

Mrs Hugh's Class

Eva: for settling into our school really well and doing super work.

Arnie: for coming into school happily every single day. Keep smiling!


Mrs Gibb's Class:

Oscar: for lovely reading during Guided Reading and waiting to take his turn.

Sophie: for working so hard at drawing her self portrait.


Ms Henry's Class:

Aston: for coming back to school and trying really hard throughout the day to listen and work hard.

Lorelai: for coming back to school with a big smile on her face.


Mrs Goodacre's Class:

Ellie: for settling really well and working hard.

Oliver: for setting really well and working hard.