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First Half of Summer Term Newsletter




Dear Parents


Welcome back to the first half of the Summer Term.   I hope that you are all well rested and ready for a busy half term.


We will be learning about:

LITERACY: Non Fiction: Coral Reef.   Fiction:  Traction Man and The Chang and the Magic Brush.

NUMERACY:  please practice telling the time and learn the 2, 5 and 10 timetables as well as finding fractions: ½ ¼ and 1/3 of numbers.

SCIENCE: We are investigating waves and how they are formed and their effect on the beach.

As an introduction to our summer term topic HEALTH AND GROWTH, we will also be watching tadpoles grow in a tank and at the end of the half term will return the frogs to the school pond.

FOREST SCHOOL - Our Garden:  We have our own patch in the vegetable garden and will be planting a variety of vegetables and some flowers. So I will be asking for some gardening volunteers!  Activities will be an integral part of Science and Geography.


GEOGRAPHY: Oceans and Seas:  this will include a revision of the 5 oceans of the world but also the seas around the United Kingdom.  We will link a variety of activities to both Literacy and Numeracy.

ART:  we will investigate mixing of colours and create sea collages and find out about the famous artist William Turner.

SCHOOL WEBSITE – INDIGO CLASS PAGE – please look on our page from time to time.  We have a range of activities and games.  I also regularly update photos of activities we have done during the term.  The medium term plans are also on our class page.


I am looking forward to this term and hope that the children enjoy the learning experiences which they encounter.

Please keep up the daily reading – all the children are making excellent progress!

Please feel free to speak to me about any concerns you might have, however, I would appreciate it if you would make an appointment in advance.



Felicity Gibb

Year 2 Teacher